Hosmart portable Wireless Intercom System Real-time Two-Way Communication and Monitor 1000 feet Long Range Intercom System (1M4S)

Hosmart portable Wireless Intercom System Real-time Two-Way Communication and Monitor 1000 feet Long Range Intercom System (1M4S)

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1.Real-time two-way communication and monitor - It is 1000 feet real-time two-way communication intercom system with encryption. Sound extremely clear and sharp with adjustable volume. dect 6.0 expandable cordless phone technology, the most trusted wireless intercom system for home! 

2. Super easy setup- Pair your wireless intercoms in under two minutes! Monitor, Talk, Group Call Function, Monitor function can be monitored all the time. Group function (conference call) can call all paired rooms, no crosstalk. It integrates the latest technology to be the best intercom system for home and office.

3.Fully expandable and anti-interference - Duo to anti-interference signal technology and secret digital channel, a master intercom could be paired up to five slavers. The intercom system works perfectly for you in any place, offers secure digital communication, friendly multi-functions and included step-by-step instructions! 

4.Portable and amazing sound quality - Home wireless intercom System can be powered by 5V power adapters or inner 18650 battery(optional) so you can take the master intercom station and sub-master intercom to any place you want. 

5.100% satisfaction guaranteed - Hosmart Home Intercom System with DECT 6.0 Technology is produced by our leading factory. The wireless intercom system passed FCC, CE, ROSH Certified and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We provide a Lifetime Quality Warranty for the Master and Slaver Station intercom System, Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase.

1、I lost the directions. How do I hook this up?

First, plug the micro USB cable into the USB port on the back of the unit, then connect the other end to the AC adapter and plug into a power supply. The unit can also run on an 18650 battery (not included) as backup for up to one week. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off. REGISTRATION MODE: Each secondary intercom (MC-616S) must be registered with the Master intercom (MS-616M). To register an MC-161S with a MC-616M, begin by placing the Master into registration mode by simultaneously pressing and hold #0 and #3 on the Master until you hear a confirmation tone. Next, simultaneously press and hold the #0 and #3 buttons on the secondary intercom until you hear another confirmation tone. You will hear a third tone on the secondary intercom and the corresponding channel button will be on indication the assigned channel number. One Master intercom may be paired with up to five secondary intercoms. Master units default to channel #0. Secondary channel assignments (1-5) are automatically determined by the Master intercom during registration. CANCEL REGISTRATION - You may unpair two registered intercoms. First, press and hold the #0 and #3 buttons on the Master (MC-616M) until you hear a confirmation tone, identify which channel is being unpaired by pressing that number on the Master 7 times. For example, if you are unregistering a secondary unit that has been assigned to channel 1, then on the Master, press 0 and 3 until you hear a tone, then press 1 seven times. You do not need to press any buttons on the secondary intercom. OPERATION - Press the CALL button first and then press the channel button that you want to communicate with . Press the CALL button to answer on another intercom to enter real-time two-way intercom mode. Press the CALL button again to end the call mode.

2、I am a caregiver. Can the system be used for an elderly person to be heard without pushing any buttons?

Yes, the intercom is two-way real-time so the elderly person will be heard without pushing any buttons.

3、What type of 18650 battery does this take? there are many different types? flat top? button top? voltage?

C Batteries

4、Does this unit require internet vonnection?

No, it uses the same wireless technology that cordless telephones use

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Easy to setup, clear intercom system for my office!
Excellent, low-cost intercom system
Good product but install the back up batteries during set up.
Easy to setup, clear intercom system for my office!
Very Good Value for the Money and Excellent Customer Service