Every great success was born out of some kind of struggle. Hosmart was no different.  As a child, I lost my Grandmother. She was alone in her home when the accident happened and it had a profound impact on me. So I decided to make it my mission to create home security products in memory of her and to help other elderly and senior people live in a safer home. Everyone deserves the peace of mind to know they are protected in their own home. That’s why at Hosmart we offer a range of products to secure your home to the fullest potential. Together we can prevent these potentially tragic events from happening. After all, the price we put on personal safety, especially for the elderly, is priceless.


Back in 2012, Hosmart formed with a group of Motorola engineers who had more than thirty years experience in the telecommunications. Fast forward a few years and we are now one of the leading manufacturers of driveway alarm and intercom systems in the world. To create home security products, we work tirelessly with the primary aim of improving your life. From the moment we craft one of our safety products, to the second you fit it into your home, every part of the process is done with care and boundless passion for what we do. Concise market research is conducted at every stage to ensure the home security products are of the utmost of quality. Every product is meticulously tested before being shipped out, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting nothing but pure quality when you shop with us. Our driveway alarm systems are crafted and tested to perfection to ensure they protect your home efficiently.


My mission will always be the satisfaction of our customers. To create, share and win together is our vision. I want to create a better future for everyone. One where you feel safe and secured. I currently focus on driveway alarms and intercom systems, though aim to expand into home intelligence products that can be operated via smartphone in the near future. The goal is to become one of the leading names for smart furniture and AI in the next ten to twenty years by creating thousands of smart homes across the globe. The name “Hosmart” originates from a combination of the words “home” and “smart”. Which is exactly what the company stands for. The creation of safer and smarter homes on a global scale. Join us on our mission to make homes around the world safer to live in!


William King