Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit
Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit

Extra Receiver for 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit


The extra receiver Must be paired with the sensor.
The extra receiver  is compatible with the sensor for Extra Solar Sensor for 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Only.
Please refer to the eMACROS 1/2 Mile 7-Zone Solar Driveway Alarm Kit for more.


Neat Design: Black and white. Fit in your home decorations.
Light: Low-battery and fully-charged alert with light and sound.
Chime: Each zone can have its own chime and will flash when triggered. Chime volume is adjustable.

Power:Powered by an AC adapter. Also runs on 4 AA batteries as backup for 2 weeks (not included in the package).
Expandable: Add up to 7 sensors per receiver.
Long Range: 1/2 mile wireless with the sensor.
Placement: The receiver can be hung on the wall indoors or portable.


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David Leddon
Now my wife has one

We use these to warn of oncoming vehicles just beyond the blind curve where our lane meets the main road. After verifying that this system works for this purpose, I bought a second receiver to put in my wife's car.


1. How does Wireless Driveway Alarm work?
The sensor has a passive infrared lens that activates when it senses both heat and motion. When the sensor is triggered by a person, car, or large animal, a signal is sent to the receiver in your home that will alert you with the sound you choose from the zones. The ideal maximum range between the receiver and sensor is ½ mile. The sensor has a maximum 30ft detection distance and the sensitivity is adjustable with low(approx 20ft.) and high(30ft.) mode. There’s no wifi or monthly contracts required. Additionally, the system is weather-resistant and designed to work throughout the seasons. It works the same for day and night. It’s perfect to be used to detect who's on your property, when the mailman arrives, and more, especially for rural areas with driveways.

2. How do I know which system works best for me?
All of our driveway alarm kits have 1/2 mile wireless long range for the sensor and receiver. eMACROS driveway alarm features solar and rechargeable sensors. The 4-zone kit has the 4-zone receiver(square and round option) which supports up to 4 sensors and the 7-zone kit also has two color options. The Hosmart driveway alarm has 4-zone kits (two color options) featuring a rechargeable sensor with better price.

3. Are the solar wireless driveway alarm and the rechargeable driveway alarm compatible with each other?
No, the sensor and receiver can only be paired if they’re the extras from the same kit.

4. How are the wireless driveway alarms powered?
eMACROS wireless driveway alarms all include solar-powered sensors with solar panels and built-in rechargeable batteries. The receiver runs on 4AA batteries or AC adapter(included), Hosmart wireless driveway alarms include rechargeable sensor without solar panels but with built-in rechargeable batteries. The receiver runs on 4AA batteries.or AC adapter(included).

5. False alarm
If you’re experiencing many false alarms, it could be due to a few different reasons. Firstly, examine your sensor’s mounting position. Be sure your sensor is mounted around 4.5-6 feet off the ground to eliminate false alarms from smaller animals, and not facing direct sunlight. Your sensor is automatically set at the pick up distance of 30ft, so adjusting the distance down to 20ft by the low-mode sensitivity can help eliminate false alarms(see from the manual).

6. Interference
Obstructions such as metal, brick, trees, or inclines in your driveway can cause inference. They reduce the distance the signal travels. If you’re not getting the sound from the receiver, the sensor may be too far away from the receiver to get a good signal under the interference condition. Adjust the position of the sensor and receiver to create a more reliable connection. Make sure the sensor is mounted around 4.5-6ft high.

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